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Welcome to the new home of Global Manufacturing Partners!

Please excuse our appearance while this site is under construction.

We bring great ideas and a passion to help your organization prosper by increasing profits, fostering innovation and reducing manufacturing costs.

Our company represents over 21 manufacturing companies throughout Asia with capabilities in the following areas:

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Die Casting

Aluminum Extrusions

Injection Molding

Plastic Extrusions


Wood/ Laminate Fabrication

Machined Components




Electrical Components

We can help with new product development.

We can reverse engineer products at no additional cost.

We can do tooling cheaper and faster which speeds a products entry to the market.

We are the missing link - we have the manufacturing and engineering teams plus stateside know how to elimate challenges.

Want to get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list? E-mail us at:

Global reach representing 20+ specialized manufacturers


Global Manufacturing Partners * 21 Turnstone Way * Downingtown * PA * 19335